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Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.helsinki.fi
Fri Sep 12 08:57:48 EST 1997

Tim Green <green at salk.edu> wrote:
> We are interested in purchasing a microscope and CCD video capture system
> for neural imaging (in situs and imaging of neurons in culture).  As a
> primarily mac based lab, we would prefer a mac based capture card and
> software.  Does anyone have any experience/suggestions on available cards
> and cameras, distributors in the US and prices?  We have quotes from Leica
> and Zeiss, but both have specified Win95 capture cards.

We bought our systeme about 5 years ago, so part of the information is
perhaps not up to date. After quite careful consideration and
comparisons, we got:

- Nikon Labophot-2 microscope  (bright-field, dark-field)
- Sony XC77-CE  b/w CCD camera (could not afford the DAGE MTI C72)
- Signal Analytics' IPLab program for the Mac with some extra
modules. This came with a
- Scion LG-3 card, which we equipped with 16 Mb extra memory. NIH Image
for this card came without extra cost.

We have no regrets, and use the system mainly for in situ hybridization

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