Scatchard Analysis and MacLigand and /or PC equivalent...

Joseph A. Near nearj at indiana.edu
Mon Sep 8 13:52:56 EST 1997

Is this the program adapted by G.A.McPherson from LIGAND?  If so, there
is a PC equivalent.  Kind of quirky but it works OK.  Latest version I
have is about 7 years old, runs in W95, published by BIOSOFT, 68 Hills
Rd., Cambridge CB2 1LA, UK.  I get junk mail from them every once in a
while, but always throw it away so can't give you a current address.

Joe Near

Kenneth Grandchamp wrote:
> Hello !
> We would like to know if there is a modern version of
> MACLIGAND so as to do a SCATCHARD analysis.
> Does anyone know if there is a PC equivalent that allows
> the same analysis ?
> Thanks !
> Ken.

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