Cbase...recipe program/chemical database..

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Mon Sep 1 09:34:23 EST 1997

 Take a look at the screenshots at :


(you can also download the program as a selfexpanding file containing the

The program contains a recipe database and a chemical database, which are
coupled together so that you can type e.g. the formula name and the program
will perform a lookup and transfer the remaining info and make the
approatiate calculations regarding your recipe.

We use it in the lab....it works really good...
The printouts are really nice and can be customized by clicking on second
mouse button over the print button.

The program supports unspecified units instead of normal MW. You can also
use the chemical database to hold your stock solutions.

Best Regards
PS. Im uploading the program right now so if its not availble then wait 20

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