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Katie Clark flora at sage.cc.purdue.edu
Thu Sep 4 21:17:31 EST 1997

Recently a student was looking for the photoperiod which occurs in
Crete.  He is trying to grow a plant which is endemic in Crete, in a
growth chamber, and wanted to mimic natural conditions.  The long and
short of it, is that we finally figured out that daylength is the same
around the world if you're at the same latitude.  So, after finding
out what latitude Crete was at, using standard reference sources, we
were ready to find out the daylength.  

I'm writing to tell you of a resource we found which calculates
daylength, given the latitude:
Jarmo's solar Calculator:

(the program is also available for download, as an excel file!)

If you tell it your time zone, relative to Greenwich standard time, it
will also give you the times for sundown and sunrise, for a given

Katie Clark
Life Sciences Library
Purdue University
West Lafayette IN

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