WinASCD: analysis of single channel and whole cell currents

Guy Droogmans guy.droogmans at med.kuleuven.a.c.be
Thu Sep 4 02:46:50 EST 1997

WinASCD is a program to analyze single channel and whole-cell pClamp
(Clampex, Fetchex, AxoTape).
It is a 32-bit (WIn95/NT) updated version of an original DOS program
that I
started writing more than 10 years ago.
It includes the following main features:
1. a data correction module for
        baseline restoration (drift correction)
        background subtraction (correction for leak and capacitative
2. a module for calculating average and peak currents
        ensemble averaged current
        avg current for continuous data
        avg and peak current for triggered data
3. a module to construct linear combinations of records belonging to the

   same or different files
4. a module to fit sum of exponentials or a kinetic model to indivudual
    current traces, ensemble averaged currents and composed records
5. a module for the Analysis of Single Channel Data, including
    Amplitude histogram construction and fit with Gauss peaks
    Kinetic Analysis: idealization, dwell time histograms, first
                                burst analysis,  analysis of the number
of events
6. a module for the analysis of current fluctuations, including current
    variance analysis  and FFT.

Each window (graphical or text) can be printed (not a screen dump) or
as a TAB delimited ASCII file for import in e.g. a presentation software

A demo version of the program in which output is disabled is available
Guy Droogmans
Laboratorium voor Fysiologie
Campus Gasthuisberg, KU Leuven
B-3000 Leuven (Belgium)
Tel 32 16 345 726
Fax 32 16 345 991

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