Rick Wells goifds at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 30 11:57:24 EST 1997

Help!  I have about 1,000 Word 6.0a documents with lots of tables
which I need to distribute to my clients so they can display and print
them.  I want to put the names of the documents and a short
description into a database which the client can search and select
from.  When the desired document name is selected from the database,
probably using a list box, the program would display the associated

I need this to work in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.  I have tried using
VB 3.0, and 4.0 but cannot find a control which will display the
documents properly with their tables.  I tried converting the
documents to RTF and using an RTF control, but the tables will not
display.  I also tried converting the documents to HTML and using IE
which worked, except the underlying IE program is so large that
distributing it to clients is not practical.

So, my next approach is to use Wordview, a freeware product from
Microsoft.  Wordview displays the documents correctly, but I have not
been able to find anyway to connect it seamlessly to my database.

Does anyone know if Wordview has a VBA component?  I've contacted
Microsoft but don't have an answer yet.

Alternatively,  does anyone have a better idea?


rwells at ifds.com

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