ANNOUNCE: WWWtacg Ver 2 - Restr'n Enz Mapping, Translation, etc

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Thu Oct 30 18:41:58 EST 1997

In article <mangalam-ya02408000R2910971629580001 at>,
mangalam at uci.edu (Harry Mangalam) wrote:

> Hi All,
>    The new version of the tacg Web interface is ready for use/testing. 
It uses
> tacg version V2.33, which incorporates many of your bug reports and
> suggestions. 

Actually, it uses version 2.34 which is itself now ready to be grabbed in
source and binaries for:

* Intel and DEC Alpha Linux
* Solaris
* DEC Unix/OSF
* IRIX 5.x/6.x


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