ANNOUNCE: WWWtacg Ver 2 - Restr'n Enz Mapping, Translation, etc

Harry Mangalam mangalam at uci.edu
Wed Oct 29 19:29:58 EST 1997

Hi All,
   The new version of the tacg Web interface is ready for use/testing.  It uses
tacg version V2.33, which incorporates many of your bug reports and
suggestions.  The docs have also been updated although many of the bugs have
not been logged in it, as I'm going to move the bug reports/change log to
another file, but they will be noted.

It's currently running side by side with the 1.7 Web interface/tacg v1.7, so 
that people can run one against the other and also I can see how people are 
using them.  It's running on a lightly loaded (most of the time) 100MHz R4K 
Indigo2 with a lot of other stuff, but response (granted, on the same subnet), 
is pretty snappy.

For example, to do a little MAPPLOT of the lambda genome (48.5K), GCG/WPI 
takes about 20 sec on a 200MHz R4400 Indigo (file on a local disk).  WWWtacg 
takes 10 s for EVERY analysis that it can do, including entire linear map; <2s 
for the same analysis, (from netscape on the same machine; <4 s on a Mac 
netscape on the same subnet)

You can find/test it by using your Netscape browser (sorry - it uses File 
uploads and Netscape is the only one that will do this currently, I believe) 

Version 2:    http://hornet.bio.uci.edu/~hjm/projects/tacg/tacg2.form.html
Version 1.7   http://hornet.bio.uci.edu/~hjm/projects/tacg/tacg.form.html

If you want to be informed of bug-fixes, etc, please subscribe to the tacg
mailing list - see the header at:
for info.

Let me know how it feels - suggestions are, as always, welcome.
Once I get some feedback on it, the ANSI C CGI server code (tacgi2), like
its predecessor and like the application tacg, will be made available for

Harry J Mangalam, MolBio+Biochem / Dev+Cell Bio, Rm 4201, BioSciII  UC
Irvine, Irvine, CA, 92717, (714) 824-4824, fax (714) 824 8598

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