Multiple Alignment of Structural RNA Data ??

Georg Fuellen fuellen at NOSPAMPLEASEREPLY-TO-HEADERHASBEENSETtechfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Oct 22 15:49:45 EST 1997


We're looking for approaches to the alignment of RNA structures.
The RNA structures may be represented by trees of
structure features/nucleotides, or by expressions using brackets.

Up to now, we're aware of the following approaches:
*Shapiro & Zhang (CABIOS, 6(4):309-318, 1990),
*Hesper, Hogeweg & Konings (Mol. Biol. Evol. (1987) 4(3), 300-314),
*Hogeweg & Stadler (implemented in RNAdistance in the Vienna package 1994).

Please, educate us about any approaches that we've missed !!
And -- we'd be glad to listen to your wisdom and experiences !!
Which is your favorite ? 

best wishes,
Georg Fuellen
Univ. Bielefeld, Research Group in Practical Comp. Science, Fax +49 521 106 6411
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