"3-D BrainStation" brain image analysis and "Inquiry" autoradiography software.

Yoroya yoroya at aol.com
Mon Oct 20 20:47:21 EST 1997

Biomedical researchers and clinicians:     

     Interested in a software package that will fuse anatomical images provided
by CT and MRI scans with functional images provided by PET and SPECT scans?  
     How about autoradiographic image analysis software that analyzes,
 whole-body, metabolic (glucose utilization and cerebral blood flow), receptor
 (in situ hybridization), morphometric karyotyping, tumor and lesion volume, 1
 and 2-D gel electrophoresis, and grain counting? 

     Visit our website to see if this software will enhance your brain image
analysis requirements for your ongoing neuroscience research/clinical
diagnosis efforts or your autoradiographic analysis needs for your
 pharmacokinetic or molecular biology studies.  Questions or concerns?  Call

Bob Hummel
Loats Associates

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