FACSmac rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Mon Oct 20 10:25:28 EST 1997

Ger van Zandbergen wrote:
> I am working a lot with FACS analysis programs and I would like to have
> a program to transfer LIF files to DOS, making it possible to analyse
> data on a DOS computer. I already have a very old dos based program that
> can do just that, but it is not very stable, so I am looking for a new
> one.
Hi Ger,

You can put them on a mac  using HPtomac ( floppy-disc-reading freeware from
SoftFlow Hungary Ltd), and then use the mac to put them on a DOS disc,
otherwise I think all of the options require cash:

 i)you could try a direct PC-HP link using  Ethernet (you need to buy FACSNet
from B-D on the HP side, and any Ethernet card for your PC)

ii) Use the IEEE488 output on the HP to make the link (you need to buy an IEEE
card in your DOS machine).

iii) Use an RS232 serial link with HPtoIBM, is this the method you use at present?

All of the options are covered in the Purdue Flow cytometry mailing lists
archives, and if you can't find what you need it would be worth posting a
query to that list.  It would also be worth having a look at the catalog of
free flow cytometry software.  You can find these links at my web site (
http://facsmac.med.cam.ac.uk/web/othersites.html ).

Good luck 


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