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I just want to inform you that there is a minor upgrade available to PatchReader at :
It is a full version and there is no password.
HMS Beagle (online journal part of BioMedNet) has made an announcement of PatchReader:
PatchReader and upcoming data modelling
I have long time wished to include fitting algorithms into the program. However, recently I have started to work together with Petr Kuzmic who is the author to Dyanfit (see ref below). We are now working together to apply the advanced kinetic analysis developed by Petr to electrophysiological data and thereby create an application which will make it possible to fit a given model to your data. The new aspects of this are solely due to Petr's exceptional knowledge of non-linear curvefitting and the possible errors involved in this numerical process. Our new application will include error handling that for me came as a chock when I saw  how easy a non-linear fit can return a standard error which has absolutely no reference to the corresponding parameter. A full description of this errorhandling is described in the reference to Petr's work given below. You can download Petr's program from http://www.biokin.com (currently there have been over 1500 downloads and his page has been accessed over 10000 times),  

Kuzmic, P. Program Dynafit for the Analysis of Enzyme Kinetic Data : Application to HIV Proteinase. Analytical Biochemistry 237m 260-273 (1996).
Dynafit has recently been reviewed in HMS Beagle (online journal part of BioMedNet) :

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