Scientific database

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Sun Oct 19 02:02:40 EST 1997

>>>Does anyone know internet site for free copy of an database program
>>>suitable for scientists ?

> I know of no free programs.
> However, I would HIGHLY recommend EndNote Plus with EndLink, by
>Niles & Assoc.  http://www.niles.com.   (I do not work for them  -- just
>a satisfied customer)

I have a free program that I have made, runs only on Win95/NT...

I havent spend so much time on it but it imports the medline format and lets
you setup the reference format as you want...if several people is interested
then I might give it a little bit more attention....(I use it for my own
references...but I have merely used it to make the references into the right
format and then paste it into my article....but its a piece of cake to add
the database part...)...

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