image fusion

Hiroki hiroki at limerick.cbs.umn.edu
Sat Oct 18 03:07:21 EST 1997

This may be applicable--it actually deals with
fusion of many slightly translated images scanned at low res to
give a final high res image. (they took a bit of dollar bill at
200dpi, some 60 scans, to get a final image of 800dpi in this example)
Nonetheless, some of the aspects sound like they are similar.


Francois Vandermeersch (fvanderm at info.fundp.ac.be) wrote:
: Hello,

:          I am trying to create some software which visualizes the fusion
: of two images.  My software
: receives matched medical images and it visualizes the superposition of
: these images.  On the 
: screen, you can change the percentage of superposition of the images :
:           Ex. : taking two matched images A and B, in normal case, the
: result of the superposition
: shows on the screen, 50 % of the image A, 50 % of the image B.  You can
: change the % of 
: superposition.  You can visualize for example that the fusionned image
: is composed of 60% of A and 40% of B 
: or 80 % of B and 20 % of A, ...  This software must conserve the
: contrast,  color of the source 
: images.

: 	  I don't know of any techniques to do that.  If you have some
: information about these techniques,
: some litterature (or reference), some algorithms, please E-mail me.

:           Thanks for your help.

:            Francois Vandermeersch 
:            fvanderm at info.fundp.ac.be

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