image fusion

Francois Vandermeersch fvanderm at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Oct 17 08:55:27 EST 1997


         I am trying to create some software which visualizes the fusion
of two images.  My software
receives matched medical images and it visualizes the superposition of
these images.  On the 
screen, you can change the percentage of superposition of the images :
          Ex. : taking two matched images A and B, in normal case, the
result of the superposition
shows on the screen, 50 % of the image A, 50 % of the image B.  You can
change the % of 
superposition.  You can visualize for example that the fusionned image
is composed of 60% of A and 40% of B 
or 80 % of B and 20 % of A, ...  This software must conserve the
contrast,  color of the source 

	  I don't know of any techniques to do that.  If you have some
information about these techniques,
some litterature (or reference), some algorithms, please E-mail me.

          Thanks for your help.

           Francois Vandermeersch 
           fvanderm at info.fundp.ac.be

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