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We're posting this information because we thought some readers might be interested in this Web site.  If you are not
interested, please disregard.  We did not intend this message as a spam, but rather carefully researched to find
newsgroups that would find this information useful.  This site went live this week and we thought you might be
interested in it.

We know you deal with Science, Technology and Math nearly every day, and the most reliable, dynamic and in-depth
selection of Internet resources devoted to these topics has been compiled in the Britannica Internet Guide.  In
particular, they've indexed and reviewed the foremost biological science sites devoted to famous biologists, the history
of the science and E-zines covering a wealth of angles on paleontology.  In other words, everything between anatomy and

The site is located at:

The Britannica Internet Guide is a navigation service that utilizes Encyclopaedia Britannica's 229 years of experience
in organizing and indexing knowledge to help users find the most authoritative information-rich Web sites.  Combining a
fast, state-of-the-art search and retrieval system with reliable reviews, ratings and the most well-structured outline
found on any Web directory, the Britannica Internet Guide is easy to use and provides unparalleled quality and accuracy
in its search results.

Currently, the Britannica Internet Guide includes more than 65,000 sites, selected by a staff of 25 subject-area expert
editors.  New sites are added continuously.  Users of the free service can begin their searches by entering a word, name
or phrase, or by browsing through an outline of 14 categories ranging from Art and Literature to World Geography and
Culture.  Other categories include: Business, Economy, and Employment; Computers and the Internet; Education; Health and
Medicine; History; Law, Government, and Politics; News and Current Events; Philosophy and Religion; Science, Technology,
and Mathematics; Social Science; Society and Social Issues; and Sports and Diversions. 

Thanks for your time and we really hope you enjoy the site.  You won't be disappointed.

*If a site you find useful is not listed in the Guide, please feel free to contact the subject-area editor(s) and let
them know about it.

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