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>Date: 9 Oct 1997 17:40:27 +0100

>Dear colleagues,

>I have a huge amount of data containing particular articles with
>abstracts in MEDLINE format coming from browsing CCOD and Entrez
>Medline for longer time. I am looking for suitable database able to
>import references in MEDLINE format. It can be database for general
>purposes of specific one designed to work with scientific
>information. The database should be able to work with thousands of
>queries and perform search with keywords, author name, etc. and
>print this information on disk or printer. It could run on MS-DOS
>(that one may be sufficient because we don't have all PCs with
>Windows 95), or Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

>Does anyone know internet site for free copy of an database program
>suitable for scientists ?

I use Papyrus (look at http://www.rsd.com/). It runs under dos/win3/win95
It is not free but the cheapest I know ($99 + shipping), imports several tens 
of formats, plus you can customize any format to exactly suit your needs (not 
very intuitive, but works).
And you can search, built lists formated for any journal style, import into 
almost any wordprocessor via the clipboard.

All the best


>Please respond to my e-mail address.

>                              Yours sincerely

>Igor Zeman
>Department of Biochemistry
>Faculty of Natural Sciences
>Comenius University
>Mlynska dolina CH-1
>Bratislava  842 15


Dr. Francis Durst CNRS / Universite Louis Pasteur
Dept Cell. Mol. Enzymology
Plant Mol. Biol. Inst.
F-67083 Strasbourg, France

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