ABI-curves print..

Andy Phillips andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Oct 10 03:44:47 EST 1997

Claus Sternberg wrote:
> I'm looking for a program capable of printing ABI Sequencing results
> (color-curves) on a PC-deskjet, from the *.abi files.
> Does anyone know where to find it?
> Pls. reply by e-mail to me, and thanx in advance!
> Peter W. Lindum, M.Sc.(Eng)
> pwl@*im.dtu.dk (remove asterisk to avoid spam)
> Dept. of Microbiology
> Tech. Uni of Denmark, Bldg.301
> 2800 Lyngby

Chromas will do this - runs under Windows. Also base-calls and allows
some simple editing.

See the link in the Software section of my Home Page (below)


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