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>Dear colleagues,
>I have a huge amount of data containing particular articles with
>abstracts in MEDLINE format coming from browsing CCOD and Entrez
>Medline for longer time. I am looking for suitable database able to
>import references in MEDLINE format. It can be database for general
>purposes of specific one designed to work with scientific
>information. The database should be able to work with thousands of
>queries and perform search with keywords, author name, etc. and
>print this information on disk or printer. It could run on MS-DOS
>(that one may be sufficient because we don't have all PCs with
>Windows 95), or Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.
>Does anyone know internet site for free copy of an database program
>suitable for scientists ?

FileMakerPro. (www.claris.com) If you save the refs as tab-separated text,
you import them in FMPro (runs on PC under Windows and on Mac; databases
are fully interchangeable) and Version 4 (just released) can do dynamic web
publishing. You can have the query on a web form and thus search the
database. This will keep you platform-independent, fast and networked at
the same time. FMPro can be fully programmed (using popup programming
commands) and is fully scriptable on a mac (ie. you can have ANY other
program capable of scripting (most of them) instruct to do a query by Apple
Script commands)

An FMPro user list can help you get going and, if necessary, give you a
quick tip to continue going, should you get stuck.

An example query database form can be found on the net, where a 500.000
record database containing CD-album titles can be queried on-line for a
title word or word from the artist's name; a result often pops up within 5


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