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jan.morren at bio.kuleuven.ac.be jan.morren at bio.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Oct 7 10:03:09 EST 1997

An EXCEL template (ANEMONA.XLT) has been developed for the calculation of
enzyme kinetic parameters by non-linear regression techniques. The tool is
accurate, inexpensive, as well as easy to use and modify. The template is
a collection of mathematical models organised in different worksheets. The
models implemented are those corresponding to mono- or
pseudo-monosubstrate reactions and the most common bisubstrate reactions:
Michaelis-Menten, Double Michaelis-Menten, Hill model, Substrate
Inhibition, the linear cases of reversible inhibition (Competitive,
Incompetitive, Non-Competitive and Mixed Competitive-Incompetitive
inhibition) and Ping-Pong, Ordered and Random bisubstrate mechanisms.
Also, a weighted linear model has been implemented. The resulting files
are Apple/PC compatible and can produce publication-quality graphs if

Computer requirements:
Apple MacIntosh or IBM-compatible running EXCEL version 5.0 or later, and
'Solver' Add-In installed in the EXCEL program.

The template can be downloaded by anonymous ftp on:
Also, it will shortly be accesible from:

Hernandez, A. & Ruiz, M.T. (1997) An EXCEL template for calculation of
enzyme kinetic parameters by non-linear regression. Computer Applications
in the Biosciences. In press.

Agustin Hernandez (Ph.D.)

E-mail: agustin.hernandez at bio.kuleuven.ac.be

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