Scheduling in HTS

Fri Oct 3 13:18:37 EST 1997

Hello HTS guru's,

	I am interested in understanding the scheduling issues
involved in High Throughput Screening (HTS). I have a Oper. Research
and Comp. Science background, so I would like to basically 
understand the practical issues that should be considered when
modeling an HTS environment for scheduling purposes. For example
a basic question I have is do all the compounds in say a 96-well
assay go through the same sequence of test ? or can they have
independent testing schedules instead of being stuck together by
virtue of being in the same assay. Also, is the formation of an
assay a factor that can be manipulated in order to get the most
throughput (via intelligent scheduling) or is the assay formation
pretty much done without consideration to scheduling concerns.

	Also it would help a lot if someone pointed me to 
where I can understand all the strange terms like ELISA ?
etc. which I keep encountering without developing some kind
of inkling as to what they mean.

	Finally can anyone tell about what kind of scheduling
software is currently available and its strong points, limits
etc. vis-a-vis static and dynamic scheduling in HTS.

Thanks in advance.
Shantanu Deo
Panasonic Technologies, Inc. / KMERL,
2505 Meridian Parkway, Suite 200, Durham, NC - 27713.
email: deo at research.panasonic.com, 
Phone: (919) 484-9015 Ext. 115    Fax  : (919) 484-9045.

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