New improved version of chemical/recipe program...

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Thu Oct 2 13:27:14 EST 1997


I just improved Cbase so that it now actually works...we didnt use it so
much in the lab before and therefore we were a little bit slow to find
the bugs..However, you will find a much improved program.

What is it :
It's a recipe database program that is coupled to a chemical database.
You can make recipies based on chemicals (g/mol) , stock solutions
(mol/l) or compounds specified by activity (units/mg).

How to use it :
Click here for explanation (also download page)

Basically you simply type in the chemical name or the chemical formula.
Typing ENTER or using the ARROW keys will force a lookup routine to
locate the chemical in the database and provide the recipe with the
remaining information. If the chemical doesnt exist you are prompted if
you want to enter it as a new chemical...

What is good about the program :
It has excellent printouts that are very helpful when making the
recipies. e.g. the location of the chemical is printed onto the recipe.

All calculations are done. Its easy to swap between different
units...with automatic recalculations...

Several useful chemical calculators (dilutions etc...)

What is not so good :
If you add much more that three chemicals then the update slows
down...but that is only a one time event...when the recipe is in the
database then it scrolls really fast between the different
recipies...The reason is that I used bound controls and that is slower
than making everything in code...sorry about that..

Its only a demo that allows you to enter up to 15 chemicals...but that
should be enough to determine if you really like it or not...

Best Regards
Lars Thomsen, MSc. PhD
McMaster University

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