Different files available...

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Thu Oct 2 16:29:36 EST 1997


I have made it possible to download files that I have used in my research.
Some of them are pretty interesting...as e.g the single cell PCR protocol or
the Goldmann equation Mathcad file...if you have similar files then I would
like to host them...

Micrografx Designer ver. 6 (Win95)

Single cell PCR protocol number 1

Single cell PCR protocol number 2

Function of tRNA syntase

AH neurone from pig showing multiple spikes with increasing injection of

AH neurone showing slow EPSP evoked by focal stimulation. Each focal
stimulation evoked one to several fast EPSPs all shown in the insets.

Drawing showing how to visualize and penetrate neurones in the internal and
external submucous plexus of the pig small intestine.

Simple drawing of how to polish a patch electrode

MathCad 6.0c plus (Win95)

Goldmann equation

Single channel open-shut probability

Estimation of junction potential

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