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Nicolas Brossard brossard at bch.umontreal.ca
Tue Nov 25 15:18:50 EST 1997

Announcing Mkgoforms

    Mkgoforms is an interactive tool for designing custom HTML query
forms for the Genera software toolset (Letovsky, 1994). Mkgoforms
processes the
basic forms produced by Genera and reformats them according to the
specifications. More information on the Genera package can be found at:


    Mkgoforms provides full control on the layout of the WWW forms. For

      - The query fields can be rearranged, and their appearance
        such as to change their labels or hide the field completely.

      - Fields can be grouped together. Each group can be given a name
or title
        that will appear on the form. Again, the groups can be displayed
        any order, according to the user's preferences.

      - A help page can be associated to the query forms and to each
        entry field name via hypertext links. Mkgoforms allow the user
        to edit the text associated with each field of the help pages.

      - Correct HTML structure tags (like <HTML>, <HEAD>, <BODY> etc)
        inserted at the beginning and end of the forms, along with a 
	customizable banner to identify the database at the top of the form.

      - All chosen modifications of the WWW forms are saved by the
        and reapplied during subsequent executions of Mkgoforms.

    How it works:

    Mkgoforms first calls sybfmt (which comes with the standard Genera
distribution) to generate an initial HTML form. This page is then parsed
to extract all the information stored in it. An ASCII interface prompts
the user to choose the desired layout changes and the resulting HTML
forms are then created, together with an optional HTML help page for
the form. Finally, Mkgoforms records the changes made in a cache
file, so that they can be reapplied the next time Mkgoforms is run.

    Some examples of forms created with Mkgoforms can be viewed at:


    The latest version of mkgoforms can always be fetched from:


    Mkgoforms was designed as part of the GOBASE project:


    You can reach the designers for help or more information by writing
to gobase at megasun.bch.umontreal.ca

Nicolas Brossard (brossard at bch.umontreal.ca), for the GOBASE project


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