Sybase Relational Database System?

Al Wang alwang at NOSPAMdoubt.com
Thu Nov 20 10:43:35 EST 1997

On 20 Nov 1997 12:54:33 GMT, crepinau at sbr.sb-roscoff.fr (Crepineau
florent) wrote:

>   Dear software users
>   I need to use a program for UNIX, developed by TIGR, which needs a
>"Sybase  Relational Database System".
>What is it?
>What do I need to execute the SQL script?
>Where can I get it?
>Is it free or can I use a cheap program as the doc says the SQL script is basic?
>Thanks in advance

Umm, Sybase is a huge, database system, of the sort that large
corporations use, and therefore is NOT cheap, nor easy to use, costing
thousands of dollars.  there's certainly a possiblity that your
company/university already has it, and that you may be liscenced to
use it.  Ask around.

What program is this, BTW?

Al Wang
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