A computer software to manage a hospital

Lucaroni filippol at stud.unipg.it
Thu Nov 13 20:31:31 EST 1997

I don't know if this newsgroup is the right one and if you have the
answers good for me but however I try to explain you my question, wishing
you could help me. This is the situation: my brother Fabio moved from Italy
at the beginning of the year and went in Bolivia in order to help those
poor people living there. He is a member of the missionary organization
O.M.G. (Mato Grosso Operation). They built a hospital there and they need a
computer software to manage the medicines supply and to run patients. The
hospital is situated at Escoma, a small centre of the country, so they
don't have a lot of pretension. Moreover, as O.M.G. is a voluntary
association, they don't have a lot of money to spend. Could you give me a
suggestion or indicate me someone to consult?

My name is Filippo and I write from Perugia - Italia.

Please, put a message in the newsgroup for the answer.
Thank you.

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