promoter motif database?

Andrey A Ptitsyn andrey at sanbi.ac.za
Thu Nov 13 02:56:37 EST 1997

Do you mean eucariotic promoters?
If so, try Transfac (transcription factors) and TRRD (transcription
regulatory regions database), both can be found at
Also you may have a look at composition element database, supported
in Novosibirsk, see http://www.bionet.nsc.ru/SRCG/, follow the links.

Peta C. Bonham-Smith wrote:
> Is there a promoter motifs database which I can use against my promoter
> sequence to see if there is anything of interest in the sequence?
> Peta Bonham-Smith
> University of Saskatchewan
> Saskatoon  Sk  Canada
> bonhamp at duke.usask.ca

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