marking rodent in color

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Mon Nov 10 22:12:51 EST 1997

Alexandre Dobly wrote:
> Hello,
> I work on rodent behaviour (voles) at the Free University of Brussels.
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Yes.  We have a sensor available that is injected subcutaneously and
carries various types of information.  This sensor does not need any
power of its own and isn encapsulated in glass.  The sensor is queried
by a radio frequency system that can read and write to the implanted
sensor.  In this way you can actually track your animals individually
and even perhaps have the gates et up with antennae so that the animal
actually writes the path for you as it travels.  

If  you would like more information pleas let me know.

Best regards.
Charles A. Peavey
Action Mechatronics, Inc
Oakland, California.

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