Free Software Demo - DNA/RNA/Protein Analysis & Presentation

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Sun Mar 30 11:12:32 EST 1997

TopoGEN now provides Windows (3.1/95) software for the analysis and
presentation of DNA, RNA and protein sequences.  From our web site at
<http://www.topogen.com>, you may examine application descriptions and
sample output, as well as download free demonstrations. To
purchase software, see our online catalog at

There are two software packages currently available:

       Visual Genomics Suite consists of applications for:

              Creating sequence maps 
              Developing and testing cloning strategies 
              Examining restriction enzyme information 
              Locating open reading frames (ORFs) 

       WinGenesys consists of applications for analyzing DNA, RNA, and 
		protein sequences:

              Pattern, matrix, motif, Prosite, repeat, and BLAST 
              Dot matrix plots 
              Sequence pair and multiple sequence alignment 
              Restriction analysis, multiple digest, and gel 
				electrophoresis simulation 
              Aligned nucleotide fragment set analysis

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