Manual multiple sequence alignment

Arthur Schuessler schueslr at sun0.urz.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Mar 27 04:48:56 EST 1997

Hmjaeck at aol.com wrote:
> We are currently using the esee program to manually align DNA or peptide
> sequences.  However, this program runs only under MS/DOS and is, therefore, a
> little bit hard to usae.  Is there a WINDOWS program that allows the manual
> alignment of multiple sequences?

You may try the color-editor (align39.zip) written by Dominik Hepperle,
for Win3.x and/or Win95. Comfortable, fast, for DNA/RNA Proteins etc.
Informations on:
One Problem: Setup is in German (a mistake of the programmer ...), but
this are only 2 dialog boxes, it's a standart setup and should be
possible for english speaking people. If not ask him. This problem only
exists in the "Demo" version. The programm at the moment costs 100$.
Some new features are not included in the demo version above, but in the
next upload. 


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