3D_ALI Database and GeneDoc version 2.0.4

Ketchup Ketchup at cris.com
Thu Mar 27 15:40:01 EST 1997

Greetings All, 

I have converted the 3d_alignment database found at EMBL into GeneDoc
format. The results are very striking, providing scientific
visualation of structure-function relationships between homologous
proteins through accessing the converted ali_3d database.

There is a small update to GeneDoc to support these files, version
2.0.4. Other changes include much faster reading of .msf files and
internal support for greater than 10 character sequence names.

This can be found at GeneDoc's usual website.


Thanks for your time, 
Karl Nicholas
Ketchup at cris.com

Fixed new Project wont reopen bug.
changed .msf file open code to be much faster.
fixed a global free invalid handle in import fasta bug.
added support for up to 50 char sequence names.
better detection and error message for duplicate sequence names.
duplicate sequences skipped on file imports.
User Defined structure shading now overrides built in structure
when already defined.
fixed handling of '!' in residue field in dssp files.

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