ANNOUNCE: Add FREE! group discussion software to your Web server

rhughes at ucsd.edu rhughes at ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 26 19:05:37 EST 1997

Lilikoi Software, of which I am the president (I'm not a US citizen, so I *have* 
to be the president of something!), is offering its acclaimed "Ceilidh" group 
discussion software for FREE download from the World Wide Web.  


	www.lilikoi.com (coming soon)

Ceilidh is a Gaelic word that means a gathering of people in a festive atmosphere 
and that pretty much sums up what Ceilidh offers.  Ceilidh is a single compiled 
C source code executable that currently runs on DEC Alpha, Linux, OS/2, Solaris, 
SunOS and Windows NT/95 platforms.  Installation on your own Web server is a 
very simple affair.  Ceilidh is both server and browser-independent, working on 
everything from Lynx to Netscape Navigator.

Ceilidh offers an intuitive, fault-tolerant, interface that provides automatic text 
conversion into HTML, on-the-fly editing (with preview of the formatted message
prior to addition to the message index), automatic message expiration in addition 
to a host of other features too long to be listed here.

Utah State University English Department is currently operating 70 Ceilidh-driven 
group discussion forums from asingle Windows NT server.  The professors there 
are finding that Ceilidh suits their communication needs better than e-mail!

But don't take my word for it.  Check out the Ceilidh Home Page, www.g0rvx.demon.co.uk
You can test Ceilidh there and you can download a copy for your own server with absolutely 
no obligation.

Richard J. Hughes, Ph.D.
Lilikoi Software

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