Patch clamp freeware version 1.6 released

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Mon Mar 24 13:37:21 EST 1997

Preader is freeware and reads the Axon file format down to version 5.2
New features in Preader 1.6 beta :
1) Average plot of IV curves. Create up to 10 IV plots (we will soon add
more) from different Axon ClampEx files and the Average plot will be
generated automatically. Choose between mean ± SD or SE

2) Database is now implemented. You can use the database without reading
any datafiles first. Just click on the database icon and you can enter
data directly into the database manually. You can also open a file in
gapfree mode and then use the peak detector to find the peak and then
transfer the peak (min, max or both), the holding potential and the
filename directly to the database. After that you can goto the database
and fill out the rest of the information.

The database is delivered with three reports made with the Crystal
Report engine that will print the database in three different ways.
First to a preview window and from there you can dump it to the printer
or another datafile in almost all possible file formats.

The download page is :

The password to the zipped installation file (7 MB)  is :


The program is a 32 bit program and it runs only under Win95. The
install program gives you an option for uninstalling.

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