Access to MEDLINE pre-1981?

C. J. Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Mon Mar 24 13:18:15 EST 1997

W R Bennett wrote:
> Our university, as with many others, has a license to access MEDLINE and
> SCI, but these databases only go as far back as 1981.  Anyone know if
> there's a (free) gateway  which would allow me to on-line search for
> abstracts as far back as 1970 in the life sciences?  (I realise it's not
> very likely, but you never know...)

NCBI has free Medline access (at least for the time being).  It is
actually an experimental database called PubMed, but it works just as
good as MedLine and I think is more up to date than some on-line
services.  It goes back to at least 1967 (that's the last time I used
it).  It tends to be VERY busy during the day, so plan wisely.

It is found at:


Good Luck!
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