Manual multiple sequence alignment

K.James bss194 at thunder
Wed Mar 19 12:10:03 EST 1997

Hmjaeck at aol.com wrote:
: We are currently using the esee program to manually align DNA or peptide
: sequences.  However, this program runs only under MS/DOS and is, therefore, a
: little bit hard to usae.  Is there a WINDOWS program that allows the manual
: alignment of multiple sequences?

There is a rather nice Windows sequence alignment editor called Genedoc 
which takes GCG .msf and FASTA files. It allows manual editing and very 
flexible highlighting, plus loads of other stuff. It's free too.

Take a look at www.cris.com/~ketchup/genedoc.shtml  It has scoring 
functions to help tell whether edits are improving the alignment or not.

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