NIH-Image under Win95?

Vadim Chromiak gerund at OLINET.ISF.KIEV.UA
Sun Mar 16 14:36:57 EST 1997

Dear Group,

Who can tell me whether NIH-Image works under Windows95?
If so, where may I find it?
I am also interested in  getting  an  FTP  client  for
Windows 3.11,  which has a "reget" option.  I was
given  a  PPP  connection  (for  free)  from  George  Soros'
International Scientific Foundation (ISF,  Kiev Branch). But
their name server is overrun by users' calls during most  of
the  day  and  I  can  access  it  only from 01.00 to 07.00.
Generally,  there is only 300-800  bps  speed  of  transfer,
which  makes  files larger then 500k almost unaccessible for
me. Last night I tried to pull out a 1.8M file from the USA.
That  was  very  stupid.  I went around my PC all night long
like a hungry jakal around a dying elephant but,  alas.  The
transfer  was  aborted  at  around  08.00 after I got a 0.7M
portion. Well, someone's surfing -- someone's "snailing".


     I found a  utility  from  ftp.download.com,  which  can
retrieve  files  in  several sessions ("GetRight" shareware)
but again,  it is too large  for  me  (1.140M  zip)  and  it
requires  Windows95.  I also tried to download an evaluation
copy of WS_FTP from  Ipswitch.com  (both  "Profesional"  and
"Limited  Edition")  but  all  transfers  (6  attempts) were
aborted after approx. 100K had been done.

I shall appreciate it highly if somebody tell me where I can
get a "reget" (not very large and for Windows3.11).

Thanks in advance,


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