QUERY: Software for viewing RNA secondary structure

Chris Patil cpatil at itsa.ucsf.edu
Sat Mar 15 14:15:20 EST 1997

I am looking for software meeting the following criteria:

1) Displays secondary structure simultaneously with primary sequence
(i.e., not SQUIGGLES, which only shows the secondary fold)

2) scales loops the same way it scales stems (again, SQUIGGLES always
skimps on extensive loops, making them look smaller than they are)

3) compatible with FOLDRNA or MFOLD (GCG utilities) or MulFold (the Zucker
program from which MFOLD is derived)

4) runs on a UNIX platform (or a Mac environment after the fold data have
been exported) without requiring a fancy x terminal.

Thanks a million in advance for any advice.

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