Error bar in Microsoft Excel 5.0?

Helgi Briem helgi at decode.is
Fri Mar 14 04:16:10 EST 1997

> (Namjin Chung) wrote:
> > in a single file of single software.  However, I couldn't have figured
> > how I can add error bars of standard deviation to line chart or bar
> > even after many, many trials.

I think I am replying to Namjin Chung, anyway here's some advice to the
person who was having trouble putting error bars in a line chart.  

1- Make a table with the X-values, averages and the standard deviations or
whatever you want to use for error bars. StdDev is easy as it is a built-in
function in Excel.  Std Err and 95% confidence intervals are a little more
complex as you must build the function yourself using the Variance,
Count (n) and the t-value corresponding to that n (n-1).
   Example table
		A	B              C
	1	Date      Average   StdDev   
	2	Jan-95   5.6	  1.2
  	3	Mar-95   6.3          1.5
	4	May-95  7.2          1.4
	5	Jul-95    6.5           1.6

2 - Make an XY, bar or line chart using A1:A5 as X and B1:B5 as Y.
3 - Double click the chart to make it active
4 - Either double click the line itself and go to Y error bars
     or choose Insert  -  Error bars  from the menu.
6 - Choose the Custom tick box and in both the fields available for that
     option, use the mouse to insert, C1:C5

Good luck,
Helgi Briem, DeCode Genetics Inc.

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