Error bar in Microsoft Excel 5.0?

Alan Williams williams at magnolia.pe.net
Tue Mar 11 18:52:44 EST 1997

In both excel 5.0 and in excel95 error bars can be added by entering the
values in the custom box.  You need to enter an equals "=" sign first then
click on the range that contains your std dev. or whatever.  I have just
used this recently under both excel platforms and it does indeed work.

Douglas Danforth (danforth.2 at osu.edu) wrote:
: It apparently isn't in Excel 7.0a.  Every time I try to put in the
: data range in the custom box it gives me an error. For example 
: I have my x values in a1..a4
: I have my y values in b1..b4
: I have my SEM values in c1..c4
                          ^^^^^^ should be "=sheet1$c$1:$c$4"
                                 (at least for excel5.0 and excel95)

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