Error bar in Microsoft Excel 5.0?

William A. Mitchell wamitche at facstaff.wisc.edu
Wed Mar 12 01:26:20 EST 1997

danforth.2 at osu.edu (Douglas Danforth) wrote:
>marder at agri.huji.ac.il (Jonathan B. Marder) wrote:
>>In article <ghermans-1103971228470001 at pstn11.luc.ac.be>, ghermans at luc.ac.be (Guy Hermans) wrote:
>>>In article <nc1-1003971835510001 at phanes94.mc.duke.edu>, nc1 at acpub.duke.edu
>>>(Namjin Chung) wrote:
>>>> in a single file of single software.  However, I couldn't have figured out
>>>> how I can add error bars of standard deviation to line chart or bar chart
>>>> even after many, many trials.
>>>You can go on and on... it's simply not there as far as I know. If
>>>scanning the helpfile doesn't show up anything, it's not there. Microsoft
>>>will surely let you know what they can do!

With all due respect, this is (unfortunately) not true.  Helpfiles
often fail to provide information on everything that a program
can do.  See below....

>>It definitely IS there in Excel 5.0. Once you select a data series, you can
>>INSERT error bars and then give cutomized error values. The data boxes for 
>>this will accept a data range. For example, if you have your data in 3 columns 
>>- X values, Y values and Y errors - you can use the third column to define the
>>error bar extent for the data series.
>It apparently isn't in Excel 7.0a.  Every time I try to put in the
>data range in the custom box it gives me an error. For example 
>I have my x values in a1..a4
>I have my y values in b1..b4
>I have my SEM values in c1..c4
>When I try to put c1..c4 in the custom box I get the error message
>"Error in Formula".
>Doug Danforth
>danforth.2 at osu.edu


It will work, but you must indicate the SHEET in which the values
are located. For example, if your SEM values are  in SHEET1, the
enter in the custom box


Or, what I usually do is, after clicking the data series, and then 
clicking on the Error Bars tab, I click in the custom box (leaving the 
cursor there).  Then, using the mouse, I click in the worksheet 
containing the error bar values, and I drag the mouse over those values 
to highlight them.  As I drag the mouse over the cells containing the 
error values, the range 'magically' appears in the custom box. When I 
have the range I want, I return the mouse to the custom box and click OK. 
This gives me the error bars on the graph.

At least this is what works in Excel 5.  Try it in Excel 7.

Good luck,


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