Quick Deposit for Windows, Merchant Credit Card Software

Gordon Wanner gjw at olypen.com
Thu Mar 6 16:00:56 EST 1997

If you are sick and tired of dropping to DOS to authorize your customers credit 
cards, or ending up with unusable data… It's time to switch to Quick Deposit 
for Windows™. This easy to use software is designed for mail order and retail 
merchants! Quick Deposit works under Win3.XX, Win95 and NT. Completely 
Certified by First Data Corp. (CES) Quick Deposit also takes advantage of 
magnetic card swipe equipment and incorporates the latest address verification 
technology CPS 2000.  Quick Deposit for Windows™. creates OLE 2.0 compatible 
data, which can be used with most other Windows Applications. For a fully 
functional free trial version visit www.olypen.com/gjw/qd.htm  

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