Software for 3-D graphics!

Alan Hewat hewat at ill.fr
Thu Mar 6 10:21:38 EST 1997

Raghavender Pillutla <raghav at umr.edu> writes:

> Can anyone tell me where I can find a software that can display simple 
> objects in 3-D?  Specifically, I want to know if there is any programs 
> which can display spheres when I give the radius and the x,y,z 
> coordinates of the center.

Make a file like this and get VRweb from: http://www.iicm.edu/vrweb
for almost any machine Unix, PC etc

#VRML V1.0 ascii
Separator   {                               #start object
Material    { diffuseColor 1 0 0            #red body              
              specularColor 1 1 1           #white hilights              
              shininess 0.1      }          #shiny 
Sphere      { radius 1.5 }                  #draw sphere
Translation { translation 2 0 0  }          #translate
Material    { diffuseColor 0 1 0 }          #green body              
Sphere      { radius 2.5 }                  #draw sphere
            }                               #finish object

Look at http://www.ill.fr/dif/3D_crystals.html for further details.

Alan Hewat, ILL Grenoble, FRANCE (hewat at ill.fr) fax (33)
ftp://ftp.ill.fr/pub/dif                      http://www.ill.fr/dif/

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