WPDB v2.2

Philip Bourne bourne at HERCULES.SDSC.EDU
Wed Mar 5 22:03:58 EST 1997

                         WPDB v2.2 Now Available
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                    J. App. Cryst. 1995, 28(6) 847-852.

WPDB is a protein structure database search and display tool for use on
Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. WPDB is useful for
detailed analysis of a single structure or comparative analysis of two or
more structures. It comes with a variety of databases, including a 10-fold
compressed version of the complete PDB downloadable via ftp.
Alternatively, you can build your own database from PDB files with the
WPDB Loader (WPDBL). Details can be found on the Web page indicated above.

The major enhancement in v2.2 is a much improved 3-D structure viewer.

WPDB is developed and maintained by Ilya Shindyalov and Phil Bourne 
at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

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