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John Michael Sauder sauder at castor.fccc.edu
Mon Mar 3 11:47:49 EST 1997

In article <aisoai-0203972106110001 at ppp17.yokohama2.dtinet.or.jp> aisoai at agc.co.jp (ISOAI Atsushi) writes:
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>(Kane L. Schaphorst) wrote:
>> While I believe these imaging systems may be adequate for figure
>> composition and image archival, I am not certain about this.  Furthermore,
>> I do not know of any decent freely available or commercially available 
>> software that can perform quantitative analysis on these images.  To date,
>> the only image analysis
>>needed to perform is densitometry by either profile or volume analysis.
>I can not recommend the best imaging systems for your purpose,
>but if you have PC and scanner why not you try NIHImage.
>It's free but (I think) it's one of the best image software in
>the world. You can get it from:
>URL: http://rsb.info.nih.gov/nih-image/
>Please try it. I hope it is useful for you.
>Atsushi Isoai, Ph.D. <aisoai at agc.co.jp | aisoai at yk.rim.or.jp>

	NIH-Image runs on the Mac.  There was a beta version of a port
to the PC called Scion Image, I think.  There's also a program called 
ImageTool.  Check out these URLs:

	Both these programs can do densitometry.

                                --  Mike S. (M_Sauder at fccc.edu)

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