Looking for digital image analysis software

Kane L. Schaphorst kschap at ix.netcom.com
Sat Mar 1 13:59:57 EST 1997

I am beginning an investigation of imaging equipment suitable for the following 
needs in a biochemistry/cell physiology lab:

1) imaging of transmissive media (autoradiograms and western blots) for both 
archival purposes and also for semi-quantitative analysis (densitometry)

2) imaging of reflective media (western blots and glossy prints) for archival, 
semi-quantitative analysis, and figure composition.  Figures are currently 
output to a thermal dye-sublimation printer, or a digital film recorder for 
making slides.

3) imaging of photographic negatives and slides for archival and figure 

I wonder if anyone here has had similar needs in the past, and what equipment 
they found to satisfy their needs?

We currently have a BioRad GS-670 Densitometer, however like all equipment from 
BioRad it is extraordinarily overpriced.  I have been considering commercially 
available alternatives such as the Microtek Scannmaker III, the UMAX Vista-S12 
(with transparent media adapter), or the UMAX Gemini D16.  Opinions?

While I believe these imaging systems may be adequate for figure composition 
and image archival, I am not certain about this.  Furthermore, I do not know of 
any decent freely available or commercially available software that can perform 
quantitative analysis on these images.  To date, the only image analysis I have 
needed to perform is densitometry by either profile or volume analysis.

If I can pick anyone's brain out there, I'd be very grateful.

Kane L. Schaphorst
Indiana University

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