GeneDoc 2.1.0: Freeware Alignment Editor for PC/Windows

Ketchup Ketchup at cris.com
Sun Jun 29 13:30:13 EST 1997

Greetings All, 

Please be informed that GeneDoc 2.1.0, a freeware Alignment Editor for
PC/Windows,  has been released to GeneDoc's web site:


This version has many requests attended to and a few nice new featues.
Highlights are:

Support for new file types: Phylip, Clustal ALN, Fasta, Pir.
Column Markers and Display of Sequence location in lower right.
Plotting of Identity Statistics in a C.D.F. plot.
Phyiochemical Properties Display modes.
Better use of the Clipboard to add and copy data.

The complete list is below.

As always, thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. Your
feedback is always very useful, and a growing factor in determining
what goes into new versions of GeneDoc.

Karl Nicholas.
ketchup at cris.com

* Added Configurable Marker Line above Consensus Line to show column
* Added Configurable Gap Indicator For Consensus Line.
* Added Import and Export of additional file types: Phylip, PIR,
Clustal ALN, Fasta.
* Added a function to clear Columns that are All gaps.
* Rewrote fasta import sequence routine.
* Fixed bug in filler block at end in Print in Landscape mode.
* Fixed bug where stat file tests of residue identity and score was
case sensitive.
* Added residue display in upper, lower, or as_is case.
* Added sequence reverse and DNA compliment functions.
* Added (and fixed) manual input and clipboard paste of sequence data.
* A Bunch of Fixes to the DStat Display.
* Added C.D.F. plot of Statistics Scores for Alignment and Groups.
* Fixed Bug of DNA/RNA Project type being switched.
* Added Status Line Sequence Location Indicator.
* Added File Import Type Selection Dialog for import of *.*
* Added PhysioChemical Properties Group Shading Display(s).
* Added Sequence String Substitution Function.
* Added Sequence Duplicate Function.
* Added Sequence Block Copy of Data Function.
* Added Copy Sequence to Clipboard Function.
* Added PhysioChemical Shading Mode(s).
* Fixed Phylogenetic tree import function.
* Changed Phylogenetic tree name parsing slightly.
* Fixed a rescore phyogenetic tree score bug.
* Added Conserved Group With Cross Shading display.
* Updated and Fixed help file.

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