Andy Vierstraete andy.vierstraete at rug.ac.be
Sun Jun 29 11:35:08 EST 1997

TBerke at CHKD.COM ("Berke, Tamas") wrote:

>Dear Colleagues:
>When I try to compile the clustalw files on my machine (Solaris 2.5.1),
>I receive the following message:
>make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `clustalw.c`
>Can anyone help me with this problem?

I had also a lot of problems with installing clustalw.  You have to
compile it with 'make -f makefile.sun'.  One little problem : it
didn't work.  You have to open te file 'makefile.sun' with a text
editor.  You 'll see a paragraph like this :

OBJECTS = clustalw.o amenu.o sequence.o showpair.o malign.o \
  	util.o trees.o gcgcheck.o prfalign.o pairalign.o \
  	calcgapcoeff.o calcprf1.o calcprf2.o calctree.o \
        readmat.o alnscore.o random.o

When you compare the names of these files with te names of the files
in your directoy, you 'll see that there are a few typing faults in
this paragraph : 
     'pairalign.o' should be 'pairalig.o'
     'calcgapcoeff.o' should be 'calcgapc.o'

Try to compile it again.

(If this doesn't work, let me know)


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