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Band Leader 
Shareware distribution notes
Band Leader Windows Application
Version 3.00

Magnitec Ltd.
EMail address:  Magnitec at world.std.com

KEYWORDS:  molecular biology, genetics, bands, image processing, 
gel electrophoresis, gels 
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Intended audience
        Molecular Biology

What is Band Leader?

Band Leader was designed and implemented by Magnitec as an application
for processing Gel images.

Band Leader is software for the PC Windows operating environment.
It is very easy to use and requires only basic Windows skills.

With Band Leader you process your gel images to extract data
arranged in lanes or in spots.
You may create graphs representing data along lanes which you may later
process to extract band information.
You may create Spot documents, representing single spots on the Gel
image or use the Grid tool to extract a group of Spots.

Band Leader data can be exported as flat text file or as Spreadsheet

Band Leader is an MDI application, thus you may load more than 
one set of images to process at a time.

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- Getting Band Leader version 3.00 by ftp:

1.      Ftp to expasy.hcuge.ch
2.      Login as 'anonymous' 
3.      Go to directory pub/chromozoom
4.      Ftp the file BLDIST.EXE as a binary file to your station
5.      Ftp the file BLREADME.TXT as a text file to your station
6.      Download the files to your PC

To install Band Leader read the file BLREADME.TXT, it contains complete
installation instructions.

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How to contact Magnitec:
If you wish to get any further information about Band Leader please 

To contact Magnitec by phone please call:
972-3-934-2919, Fax:  972-3-930-2558

To contact by mail write to:
POB 39204,
Tel-Aviv 61391,

To contact by EMail, send mail to:
Magnitec at world.std.com

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