I would like to have the best alignment program...prize no problem.

Burkhard Morgenstern morgen at coltrane.gnets.ncsu.edu
Sat Jun 21 11:42:31 EST 1997

"Lars Thomsen" <lthomsen at interlynx.net> wrote:
>I am looking for the best alignment program money can buy...
>If you know any that are good...please send me a mail..
>it will be a great help.
>Best Regards
>Lars Thomsen, MSc. PhD
>lthomsen at interlynx.net


DIALIGN is a novel program for pairwise and multiple
alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences. It is
an implementation of an algorithm described in 

    Morgenstern, B., Dress, A., and Werner, T. 1996. 
    Multiple DNA and protein sequence alignment based on 
    segment-to-segment comparison.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 93, 12098 - 12103.

The central idea of DIALIGN is to construct alignments
by using pairs of similar segments of the sequences to 
be aligned (so called "diagonals").

No gap penalty is employed - gaps correspond to the parts
of the sequences not belonging to any of the "diagonals"
included into the alignment.

In various test examples, DIALIGN was able to find functional 
sites and weak local similarities that could not be detected
by other alignment methods.

The program is very easy to use and online help is provided.

Executables for various UNIX platforms (including LINUX) 
together with a user guide and a test example are available 


Best regards,

  Burkhard Morgenstern

P.S. We are planning to release an improved version of DIALIGN 
in the near future. If you want to test this new version - or 
if you are not able to install the current version on your 
computer - you may mail me your sequences and I will do the 
alignment for you.

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