Integrator Software??

Roger Willcocks r.willcocks at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Jun 17 23:55:44 EST 1997

I'm not sure this is the right name.  I'm looking for a piece of
shareware or freeware that will let me load an b/w image of a gel (I
don't really care what format) and then make two or more lanes on it and
then have it calculate the integral and relative intensities of bands on
the gel.  I think this is something like the automated sequencers do.  

I'm thinking about doing some semi-quantitative PCR as part of my
Masters thesis and would like a simple (and cheap) way to test if the
results I'm getting are worth investing in.

I don't get much access to newsgroups, so could you please send replies
to my e-mail address

r.willcocks at auckland.ac.nz


Roger Willcocks

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